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Jeep Lease For Businesses

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About Jeep

Jeep cars are renowned for their ability to handle off-road terrain. The term ”Jeep” was first coined during World War 2 to describe the light 4x4 vehicles used by U.S. Army personnel, making the Jeep one of the first 4x4s to ever be produced. The name stuck and Jeep now sells around 1.4 million cars every year. The current range of Jeep cars offers a wide range of versatile and functional off-road vehicles including the Cherokee, Renegade and Wrangler.

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Business contract hire Jeep Compass, SUV / 4x4
Jeep Compass, SUV / 4x4
Business contract hire Jeep Grand Cherokee, SUV / 4x4
Jeep Grand Cherokee, SUV / 4x4
Business contract hire Jeep Renegade, SUV / 4x4
Jeep Renegade, SUV / 4x4
Business contract hire Jeep Wrangler, SUV / 4x4
Jeep Wrangler, SUV / 4x4

About Jeep Business contract hire

Red Kite Leasing are able to provide competitive Jeep lease deals on a range of vehicles across the Jeep range. If you can't find a particular model or need more help finding the perfect Jeep Business contract hire deal then call Red Kite Leasing on 01993 773514, or email us at

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