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Oxfords Zero Emission Zone

19th Jan 2020 - The new 20 plate is available to order, available for delivery from the 1st March 2020.
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The finishing touches are currently being put on Oxfords Zero Emission Zone (ZEZ), the first in the world.

The final proposals have been submitted for Oxford's Zero Emission Zone, with the ZEZ set to go live as of December 2020. The aim of the ZEZ is to lower the emissions and clean up the air in the city centre with a desire for a positive effect across the county.

The city is set to be marked up in to several zones between 2020 and 2035, changing the way the vehicles can access certain areas if they do not adhere to the new emission rules.

From December 2020, there will be a 'Red Zone' in the city centre where only vehicles with zero tail pipe emissions will be able to access. This is currently set to be Queen Street and Cornmarket Street as well as some surrounding side roads. You can see greater detail in the map illustration below.

The much larger 'Green Zone' is set to take effect from 2022 and will require vans, lorries and non local buses to use to lower emission vehicles. From 2025 this may also effect all cars entering the zone. From 2035, the current considerations are to have all vehicles entering the green zone to be zero tailpipe emissions.

The new Zero Emission Zone is a positive thing for both health and the environment, but there clearly will be a short term negative effect as businesses and individuals either change their traveling methods or change their vehicles.

If you would like to understand more about electric vehicles, their capabilities, charging requirements and how we can help you make the right purchasing choices. Please get in touch.

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Posted on 8th January 2020 at 11:31 AM

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