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Types of Electric Vehicle

There are plenty of ways to reduce your vehicle emissions when deciding on your next car. Below we have listed out four options to choose from.

1. Electric Vehicles (EV)

The best way to reduce emissions from your driving, is to opt for a fully electric vehicle and therefore eliminate emitting tailpipe emissions all together. They’ve come a long way since the milk float with the Hyundai Kona Electric, Jaguar I-Pace and Kia eNiro all offering a range of over 250 miles on a single charge. What’s more, you can charge the vehicle up on your driveway overnight, giving you the benefit of the low price, off-peak electricity and a “full tank” when you get in your car in the morning.

There is also the added benefit of reduced servicing costs. Traditional petrol and diesel engines require filters and oil to be replaced on an annual basis. Electric Vehicles have no oil or engine filters, just a battery and an electric motor.

What’s not to like?

2. Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicles (PHEV)

A Plug-in Hybrid has both a small combustion engine and an electric motor powered by a battery that can be plugged in. To a degree, it offers the best of both worlds in flexibility between traditional fuel and electric. However, the electric range offered on a plug-in hybrid compared to a fully electric vehicle is significantly reduced, but you will still be driving a much greener vehicle.

These vehicles suit the business or individual who is driving a lot of miles on a daily basis and cannot justify the downtime at charging stations.

3. Self-charging Hybrid

How does a self-charging hybrid work you say? So, the self-charging hybrid is a vehicle that has a smaller or down tuned combustion engine compared to a non-hybrid equivalent. It also has a battery on board which can be charged by reclaiming spent energy when braking. In effect, pushing the brake pedal engages a turbine in the drive system, charging up the battery. The power stored in the battery then compliments the combustion engine, making up for the power reduction and also making the vehicle significantly more efficient than the non-hybrid.

The only compromise on this type of hybrid is that you cannot charge it by plugging it in, therefore you will use more fuel and release more emissions than vehicles with the plug-in capability.

4. Opting for a smaller engine

Yes, going for the V8 will give you all the motoring power you could want, but let’s put it in to perspective, if you are doing the weekly miles to justify going up and down the motorway you are also going to get hit in the pocket for fuel costs. Alternatively, if you are driving around towns and villages, when exactly are you going to use that power? This is before even mentioning reducing vehicle emissions.

There are now plenty of smaller engines out there that have a great power output, due to the addition of a turbo. What’s even better, is that that emissions are significantly lower and fuel efficiency much greater. Please don’t be deterred by a 1.0 turbo engine, even in SUV type vehicles. These engines despite being small, have the same amount of power as the original MK1 Golf GTI, the iconic hot hatch of the past.

What car suits you?

We hope this article gives you a greater understanding of the new the technology on offer and how it can fit in with your next vehicle choice.

If you would like to learn more about what we can offer, check out our green vehicles or our special offers. Alternatively, please get in touch and we’ll do everything we can to source you your next vehicle.

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10th of June 2020

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